The Golden Bay Community Trust (The Trust) administers a fund established for the benefit of the residents of Golden Bay.

To enhance environmental ecosystems, build community connections, further the education and improve the health and wellbeing of Golden Bay residents.

The Trust may allocate any amount of funds in a given year – the Trustees will establish the grant pool on annual basis.  Most projects are expected to be in the $500 to $5,000 range.  Projects may be funded whole or in part by the Trust. The Trust is under no obligation to fund any of the projects submitted in any one funding period.

Organizations, Clubs and individuals are eligible to apply for funding and must fall into at least one of the criteria below.  Proposed projects must be in Golden Bay and must meet the Aims and Purposes of the Trust.

1. An incorporated society, association or organization which does not provide profits or gains to any member or shareholder.
2. Any entity under the Charities Act 2005.
3. A not-for profit educational institution or body or church.
4. Small unincorporated organizations which benefit the community. (Must have a set of rules or constitution and have been operational more than 12 months.)

Individuals are eligible to apply for funding and will be judged on the merit of the application lodged.


  • The education and wellbeing of children and whanau who are residents of Golden Bay and who are financially or socially disadvantaged, or physically or mentally challenged.
  • The relief of poverty.
  • The provision of services to meet the educational, wellbeing, emotional and spiritual needs of the community or individuals.
  • The care and welfare of the elderly and infirm.
  • The care and welfare of the physically and mentally challenged.
  • The provision of medical facilities, equipment and services.
  • The provision of facilities and opportunities for artistic, cultural and sporting endeavours.
  • The preservation and protection of the environment.
  • The enhancement of amenity values (as defined in the Resource Management Act 1991) in Golden Bay.
  • The provision of facilities and/or care and welfare for the people resident in Golden Bay.
  • An identified project that falls outside the above criteria that has demonstrable community benefit would be considered on a case by case basis.

The Golden Bay Community Trust application form click here  .  The closing dates for the preliminary assessments are February 28th  and October 31st  respectively.

The Trustees and the Distribution Committee will assess each application. Assessment will be made based on the material provided by the applicants.  Applicants are encouraged to address each of these criteria in their preliminary application.

1. Term of the Project.
The project is generally limited to 12 months but can be extended for a further 6 months if this is reasonable.  Projects that do not require on-going maintenance or where other funding arrangements are made for such maintenance will be preferred. Any funds allocated are expected to be used within the time frame outlined in the application, but the Trust recognizes that flexibility is necessary in some circumstances and will consider re-negotiating time frames.

2. Significance of the project to you, your whanau and your community.

3. Value for money. Applicants will need to provide some basis for their claims.

4. Likelihood of success of Project
This considers such matters as:
• Are the outcomes likely to be achieved?
• Is the project difficult?
• Are there contingency plans?

5. Track record of applicant
Applicants need to provide evidence of their ability to carry out the proposed project.

6. The extent to which the community and relevant agencies support the project.
This covers:
• Are other funds available if not funded by the Trust?
• Would funding by the Trust attract other funding?
• Who else benefits and should be contributing?
• Community input of voluntary labour?
• Landowner involvement?
• What other funds have been sought?
• Any gains between the proposed project and other work being carried out in the area.

• Construction equipment and materials
• Assistance with labour costs or operating costs to support the running of a community organization or project.
• Monitoring equipment
• Expert Advice and monitoring design

• Administration and legal costs of applicant organizations
• On-going maintenance activities of projects that are already underway
• Work that a landowner is required to do by law


  • Any group, organization or individual who oppose aquaculture in Golden Bay
  • An individual seeking funds without the backing of their organization or club
  • Overseas travel for groups or individuals
  • Other trust funds, capital funds or endowments (would not fund funders)
  • Underwrite fund-raising projects
  • Political parties or groups aligned with political parties
  • Support the doctrine of religious organizations
  • Fund debt retirement
  • Retrospective applications (where projects have already been completed or cost committed before the application is submitted)
  • A commercial organization or for commercial services
  • Local or central Government departments
  • Fund expenditure related to core curriculum delivery in schools (i.e.: IT equipment, Teachers’ salaries or operational costs)
  • Projects outside of Golden Bay
  • Any applicant who has received a grant from the GBCT in the past 12 months

The Trust has established a Distribution Committee to consider all the preliminary applications and seek further information from the parties to the fund application.  The Distribution Committee evaluates each application based on set criteria.  The Distribution Committee forwards the applications and recommendations to the Trustees who make the final decisions on funding.  Applicants will be informed of the outcome within 30 working days of cut off of a funding round or receipt of all information required or requested by the Distribution Committee.

Funding will usually be upon presentation of a quote or invoice for payment.  Payment terms will be clearly specified at the time the grant decision is notified.  Depending on the nature of the application, successful applicants may be required to sign a contract agreeing to any conditions set by the Trust. A final project report detailing the project outcomes, evaluation against objectives and all expenditure will be required on completion of the project.  The Trust may also stipulate a requirement for one or more interim progress reports, depending on the nature and term of the project.

At the discretion of the Trustees, funding may be released progressively over the life of a project rather than in a lump sum at commencement.

Where possible, successful applicants should acknowledge the GBCT grant in their marketing materials; this might include their website, social media, newsletters etc. Please note, individuals who receive funding will be kept anonymous.