Governance Structure


Tom Sturgess

Andy Wotton

Bob Butts

Distribution Committee

The Golden Bay Distribution Committee is made up of professional residents of the Golden Bay Community.  All Committee members apply for their position and are appointed by the Trustees to make the hard decisions as to who is eligible to receive a  Grant from the Golden Bay Community Trust.


Robin Manson

A fifth generation Golden Bay family  and  retired dairy farmer. Robin has held positions on several boards over the last forty five years, including a local dairy Company, the NZ National Dairy Association, the Nelson Marlborough Conservation Board, Nelson Marlborough Business Development Group, the  Nelson Tasman Tourism board, the Tasman Environmental Trust, the Golden Bay Museum, Heritage Golden Bay and  Instigator of the Trees On Farms Millennium project.


Carolyn McLellan

Carolyn lives with her husband John  in Bainham and is involved with Rural Women as president of both Bainham Branch and the Provincial President.  She served on the Golden Bay Community Board for 18 years  and has a number of other involvements both within  Golden Bay and regionally.  Carolyn’s focus is  always on ensuring  people in Golden Bay are not missing out.  She has a great interest in  preserving  history and is part of the  Bainham Reunion Committee which has commissioned  4 Golden Bay histories written and published by Carol Dawber.

“We have 4   married adult children  and 13  grandchildren  all of whom  live over the Hill,  so we have frequent trips to celebrate with them on  birthdays and special occasions.  I am very delighted to be part of this Distribution Committee and I am exceptionally grateful to all those who had the vision regarding a fund such as this, and  most especially  to  Tom Sturgess and Bob and Joan Butts who had the foresight and tenacity  to actually make this vision become reality.”


Laurie Davidson, Chairman

Laurie Davidson is originally from Dunedin but spent most of his early life in Palmerston North, where he went to school and worked as a Meat Inspector until 1970 when he joined the Palmerston North City Council as an Environmental Health Officer.  As part of those jobs, Laurie studied at Lincoln College and the Wellington Polytech to gain at the appropriate qualifications.

Laurie’s local government job has taken him to Brisbane, Nelson and Hawkes Bay before he joined the Tasman District Council as an Environmental Planner based in Golden Bay in 199 to  2012 when he retired.   In retirement, Laurie has kept busy with building projects and happily co-ordinated building a house at Pohara to raise funds for the hospital project in Takaka.  He currently assists the Health Centre Trust as their Property Manager to ensure the building continues to provide the facility which the community requires.  Laurie is the Treasurer of the Golf Club and also a Justice of the Peace.

“Outside work I have had an active interest in tramping, sailing, fishing, golf and many other outdoor pursuits.  The golden Bay climate very much suits the recreational interests I have.  I am pleased to assist the Golden Bay Community Trust as part of the local Distribution Committee and think it is a wonderful mechanism of returning earnings to the Golden Bay Community.”


Helen Bracefield

For the past 40 years Helen has worked full-time in the community, throughout the wide expanse of Golden Bay, as a nurse and Midwife specialising in Well Child and Public Health Nursing. In these roles she has had the privilege to engage “cradle to the grave “ with families /whanau, schools, industries, government and voluntaryorganisations, and health providers .

“I’m a Mother, Wife and Grandmother with interests in tramping, gardening, biking, sports, culture and the environment. I continue to participate in and have a passion for Community development , particularly in health, education, and welfare organisations throughout Golden Bay.”



Neil Wilson

Reporter for the GB Weekly and former teacher at Golden Bay High School. Proudly connected to the Golden Bay Community Workers as board chair.

“I’m really pleased to be part of the group that will decide how to distribute the GBCT’s community contributions. It’s our job to honour the vision and commitment shown by Joan, Bob and Tom. They’ve toiled and sacrificed for about 20 years to ensure that the Golden Bay community gets some of the benefit from the expansion of aquaculture here.”

Dr Tracey Osborne

Dr Tracey Osborne is a marine ecologist specialising in fisheries and aquaculture production and effects on natural ecosystems.  She came to Golden Bay in 2001 and has represented the interests of the bay on the Conservation Board and Tasman Environmental Trust.   She has experience in science and environmental funding systems through time spent working for the then Ministry for Research, Science and Technlogy (MoRST), on Foundation for Research Science and Technology (FRST) science funding advisory committees, administering the Cobb  Mitigation Fund for Tasman Environmental Trust, and as an applicant, applicant advisor and author of several research strategies.  Dr Osborne brings to the GBCT,  expertise in grant application evaluation practices and environmental restoration.